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Tips On Packing Fragile Items For Your Move

If you’ve moved house in the past and been disappointed to find that your much-loved mirrors, paintings, glassware or ornaments have been damaged in the move then you may want to take some extra steps to protect them before you move again. Fragile items should always be treated with that little bit of extra attention and their safe transit should never be left up to fate. So if you want to guarantee the safekeeping of your items during your house move, why not check out the handy moving tips for fragile items below.1.    Forward Planning – when you’re getting ready to move, a bit of forward planning will never go amiss. Identifying and separating fragile items from others is the first step, before finding a way of moving them safely and securely. It may be that you want to put these items into storage first while you get on with the rest of the move, or maybe you want to use a professional removals firm to remove any unnecessary stress. If you do then make you shop around to get the best self storage or removals quote first.2.    Always Use Suitable Packing Materials – If you decide to move them for yourself then using suitable packing materials is essential for ensuring the safe transportation of your fragile items. Bubble wrap is ideal for small ornamental items, while newspaper or magazines are great for wrapping plates and glasses quickly and with ease. Pictures or mirrors should be wrapped with paper before being placed in a sturdy box with the front safely protected. Larger fragile items such as pianos or antique furniture should again be wrapped with professional padding or film, with corners protected from chipping or marks with protective wrapping.3.    Be Careful When Loading the Van – When moving fragile items onto a removals van, it is important to take that little bit of extra care. Always follow health and safety guidelines for lifting and always get help from friends or family for those heavy or awkward items. Never place fragile items precariously on top of anything else in the removals van or place other boxes or furniture on top of your delicate items. Large fragile pieces of furniture should always be secured with suitable ties, while smaller items should be strategically placed to ensure there is little if any movement during the move. 4.    Label Items Appropriately – If you’re enlisting the help of family, friends or professional movers then it is important to ensure that all of your fragile items are clearly labelled so that they receive the appropriate care. Ideally, fragile items should be separated from the rest of your removal boxes to stop there from being any unnecessary errors.If you have especially large or expensive fragile items then you may want to remove the pressure by hiring a professional moving firm. Experienced movers know exactly how to wrap fragile items and to load them onto the removals van without any issues or delay. In addition to this, they can often be good value for money. So if you have a lot of delicate items which you need help with during your move, make sure that you plan in advance, use lots of packing materials, and get plenty of help from friends, family or removals men. If you do this, then you can rest assure that your ornaments, mirrors, pictures and furniture will make it through your moving day in a pristine condition.