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The Last 10 Things To Do Before Moving Out

You are moving out. Everything is packed properly, loaded in the moving van and secured in place. Time for last check of your now previous residence before you head away on the road to your new home. Below are several things you should do before closing and locking that door for the very last time.

Lots of people are so over tensed about managing to pack and load everything in time and move out as quick as possible on moving day, so they have more time to travel to and move in their new home, that they miss those small but important details. There are a few fine particularities don't take so much time, and it is in your bets interest not to desert those last engagements on moving day, instead of squeezing time to travel back and finish them on the following days.   

1. Run a spot check for everything forgotten, not seen or incidentally dropped
Some wrapping, lashing, tools etc. may be found laying around in the rooms, corridors or the yard. Collect those.

2. Check and write down the numbers on the counters
Look the digits on the counters for electricity, water and gas, and writhe those down, to show them the landlord and get the bills even. You want to start the new chapter with clean bills, don't you?

3. Uncover the floors
Remove and collect all the covers you have used to protect the floors from stains during moving day. You can fold them and use them again with the same purpose when moving in the your new place, if they aren't too torn or dirty.

4. Dispose the garbage
Walk through every room and corridor, as well as the yard, and collect all the garbage in big bags, then throw it away in the dumpsters.

5. Empty the postal box
Look in the letter box and take out everything inside. You could have received some mail on moving day - advertisements and flyers for example. Leave the box absolutely empty.

6. Remove the name-plates
Unscrew, unstuck or remove otherwise the name-plates from the front door, from the postal box and from the door-bell.

7. Clean
You should leave the residence clean. If you can afford it, hire a cleaning company to come. If you can, organize your helpers to sweep and vacuum every room.

8. Secure everything
Walk through the residence again and check every water tab and the gas for dripping or leaking, turn off all the lamps, close all the windows, lock the back door, close the window blinds.

9. Bring the landlord in
Find the landlord and get him. Turn the place over to him. Make sure he pays attention to the exact condition of floors, walls, ceiling, doors, windows, doorknobs and window knobs, the bathroom and the kitchen. After he finds that satisfying, he should return you the deposit you left, when you moved in. You may have to sign a protocol confirming the state you leave the residence in. Read it carefully and sign only you are positive the entire data in it is true.

10. Return all keys
Return all keys to the landlord, including those for the postal box, the basement, the washing room, the backyard door etc.    

Now you can really kiss the neighbours good-bye and move on the rest of your life. Good luck!