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Problems you may overlook when moving home

When you’re moving home you spend a huge amount of time planning and checking every last detail to make sure the transition is as smooth and stress-free as possible. Despite all your effort and hard work, things are always likely to be hectic come moving day and you should be prepared for every eventuality. Here are a few things with the potential to throw a spanner in the works and complicate your move:•    Last minute change of heart: Never underestimate the power that this can have.  You may have spent months planning, packing and sourcing the funds for your move, but a simple change of heart could bring the whole thing crashing down. Never commit to moving unless you are 100% certain, and try to avoid getting too excited before the contracts have been exchanged and you are in possession of the keys to your new home, as things can always go wrong.•    Last minute packing: Leaving some things until the last minute is inevitable as it is hard to remember to do everything when you’re moving home. Packing on the other hand is very important, the last thing you want is to leave something behind, especially if you’re new home is quite far away. To avoid a last minute rush, try to pack as early as possible. This in itself is hard to do as you don’t want to pack everything away, you will need some of it and there is always a chance the sale could fall through. Nevertheless, you can still start your packing ahead of time. Anything in the loft is normally only for occasional use, so this can be packed first. Then work your way around the house packing anything which isn’t necessarily needed for day to day living. This way, when you are happy your sale is going through, you will only have a small amount of things left to pack. •     Loading upIf the load on your car is heavier than usual, make sure everything is securely stowed within the vehicle so that it cannot fall and cause accident or injury. If you are using a larger vehicle than you usually do, make sure the weight is distributed evenly. Broken items on arrival can be very disheartening, especially if they have significant sentimental value.•    ParkingLoading and unloading all your possessions can be a big task, always make sure you will be able to park your removal vehicles near to both your current home and your new home, this way you won’t be having to carry heavy beds and sofas further than you need to. If parking is restricted, ensure you make other arrangements and have a plan before moving day arrives. •    CleaningYou don’t necessarily have to leave your house clean, but it is the respectable thing to do, as you would like to think the house you are moving to has always been subject to a last minute clean. However, you may still wish to clean your new home on arrival, this can obviously take a while if it’s a particularly large house. Ideally you will be able to collect the keys before your moving date, is this is the case set aside some time before moving day to clean your new home. •    Date/time mix-upIt is very easy to look at a date or time and for some reason your brain reads it completely wrong, so always check, double check and even triple check all your dates and times. This way you will never find yourself all packed up with no place to go.•    “Unforeseen circumstances”This term is thrown round a lot, especially when it comes to moving. There are so many reasons why you can be delayed when moving that can come under this category, from death in the family, illness, poor removal services, unhappy clients, unprofessional solicitors, he list goes on. The main thing you can do is keep calm and just make sure you and your possessions/family are ready to go.