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Prepare The Essential Emergency Kit

Everyone knows moving house is a stressful process, and it can take considerable time to pack, move and unpack. This period of transition can be testing as all of the items that are usually at hand find their way into various boxes ready to be moved and then unpacked. You need to make sure you are armed with the right tools to get through the coming days, and that everything you need to do so is at hand when you need it, and not sealed at the bottom of an unmarked box. This is what we call the essential moving emergency kit, and anyone on the move should not be without one. Having all the items you simply cannot live without within reach at all times will make the whole process considerably less difficult. While everyone will have their own personal little items, for most an emergency kit will contain the following: 1.    ToiletriesAll the items you need to get through a few days. Toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet roll, soap, perhaps some shampoo and all the other things you will need to get yourself in good shape, just in case the unpacking takes a little longer than expected. 2.    Phone and phone chargersMobile phones have become such an essential part of people’s lives, and in an emergency will allow you to tackle things a lot quicker than if you didn’t have one. Make sure yours doesn’t run out of battery by taking your charger with you at all times. 3.    Towels & a set of bed sheetsIt is quite possible that finding the time to unpack your linen and wash items may take a few days, and you are going to want to take a bath or shower and sleep in comfort. Pack a couple of towels and a set of sheets to make sure you can. 4.    A change of clothes for the whole familyAs discussed earlier, it may take a day or two for the wardrobes to be assembled and all your clothing to be unpacked. Make sure you have some clean clothes to change in to the next day. 5.    Drink making facilitiesA kettle, instant coffee, teabags and a couple of mugs will make sure you can have a wonderful hot drink when you want one! 6.    Paper plates and plastic utensilsA few of these will allow you to eat without unpacking the crockery, and you can throw it away when you are finished with it. 7.    PainkillersMost people find all the stress of moving and the potential dehydration leads to headaches and a general feeling of unwell. Make sure you are able to fight this with some painkillers. 8.    Basic toolsA drill, screwdrivers and a hammer as well as some screws and nails will allow you to put a few pictures up quickly and mend anything that might be broken straight away. It will also make it easier to assemble any flat-packed furniture quickly which may have to be done before certain things can be unpacked. 9.    Scissors and/or some sort of multi-toolThose boxes will be impossible to open without something sharp, and you do not need to make anything more difficult than it already is! 10.    Take-away menusChances are you aren’t going to have time to unpack all the kitchen items and cook a feast on the day of your move, so get some sustenance delivered to your new front door! 11.    Champagne and several glasses!Take some time to enjoy the moment on the evening of your move. You have made it; you are in your new home so take the time to have a glass of bubbly and celebrate.