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How To Pack For An International Move

You may think that packing is the same wherever you are moving and of course some of the basics are the same. However, when you’re moving abroad, space is even more important than ever as it can have a huge impact on your freight shipping costs. To help with this there a few simple things that you can do to keep your packing space and costs to a minimum. 1.    Have A Clear Out – If you’re one of those people who has an attic crammed full of potential heirlooms, a garage stuffed full of old bikes and a spare room packed to the brim with old curtains, toys and books then now is the time to assess what exactly you need to keep. Do you really need those old cushions or videos? Or can you sell them on or donate them to a good cause? So many people find things in cupboards and draws that they had even forgotten they owned. So before you pack everything up and put it on the ship have a good old fashioned clear out to get rid of those things you don’t need. If there are things which are too valuable to just give away, then you could always try to attend a car boot sale or sell them online. 2.    Put Things Into Storage – During your clear out you may find things that you don’t need in your new home but that you can’t bear to part with. Maybe its old antique furniture or sentimental items that you don’t want to put at risk during the move. In these instances why not put some of your items into storage, it will not only serve to put your mind at ease but it will also help to save on your transportation costs. 3.    Vacuum Pack – Vacuum packing your soft furnishings, sheets and clothes can dramatically reduce the space which they take up. Easy to find and not overly expensive, the special bags can help to save you a whole lot of money. All you need to do is pack your things up, vacuum out the air and watch your removal bag shrink to half the size. 4.    Use Every Little Bit Of Space – When you’re packing for your international move there are a number of little tricks you can do to make sure your things take up as little space as possible. These little tricks include utilising each and every space in removal boxes, furniture and bags. For instance, if you have draws which you are moving, make sure that all of the inside space is fully utilised so that there is no unused space inside. Similarly if you have cupboards which you cannot disassemble, make sure that the space inside is used to save room on the removal van or shipping container. 5.    Disassemble Furniture – If you do have bulk furniture which can be disassembled then take the time to do this before you start to move. Large dining tables, chairs and dressers can often be taken apart and can take up a lot less room on the moving van if they’re in individual pieces. 6.    Get Professional Support – Finally, if you can afford it then a little bit of professional help can go a long-way. Specialist moving companies will be able to help you plan your move from start to finish so that you don’t have to panic about the paperwork, packing or transport. With nothing to worry about, you can then focus on making sure that the house paperwork is complete and that you have everything you need to make your move a complete and utter success.