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How To Move Your Piano Safely When You Move To Fulham

Anybody who has ever had to transport a piano will know just how difficult and tricky a task it can be. Not only do pianos fall into the category of large and bulky items, they are also very expensive; thus shifting them safely and without any damages usually requires a lot of planning and care. If you are moving to Fulham, or any of the other localities in London, we recommend hiring a team of professional movers when it comes to shifting your piano to a new address. Ideally, your packers and movers team should have some experience with transporting pianos. If they do not, you should consider hiring a separate team that specialises in the same so that you leave nothing to chance. Either way, this is not the kind of task you should attempt yourself, because carrying and loading and transporting a piano is not a simple job. Even the slightest drop or bump along the way can result in scratched surfaces or broken parts. Begin with researching the different professionals operating in your city. If you are moving within the same city, you should have no trouble in finding someone who specialises in transporting heavy, large and unique objects. Try to find a packers and movers team that can also transport your piano carefully because it is just easier to deal with a single set of professionals than to hire different people for different tasks. While interviewing removals teams make sure you ask them detailed questions regarding their expertise with this particular type of move. You do not want to take the risk of hiring someone who is an amateur.  Before you agree to a contract, ensure you are satisfied with your choice. The only way to be absolutely certain of a team’s dexterity is to ask them lots of questions. You may not want to do so, or might think it unnecessary, but how else are going to learn more about the team and the techniques they intend to use to move your precious piano? Whenever you feel hesitant about asking questions, always remember this: a truly professional team will go out of their way to make a potential customer feel comfortable and will respect you for your thoroughness. The piano will have to be properly prepared for the journey before it can be moved safely. If your piano has detachable legs, like many spinet consoles and traditional grand pianos do, you should remove these and pack them separately. If there are any other detachable parts or additional things that go with the piano, remove them and pack them individually. It is always easier and safer to transport a number of lighter, more easily managed things separately than to shift a single big, bulky item at one go. Removing the legs is one of the trickiest parts because different pianos come with different joining fixtures. The professionals you hire should be able to correctly identify and undo the different screws and fasteners. After all the pieces have been removed, you need to make sure that the team packs the piano up properly. There shouldn’t be a single inch of exposed surface because even the smallest grain of dirt or a slight bump against the moving van could cause scratches and ugly marks.When the piano is being loaded into the moving truck and unloaded later, at least three people should carry it together. A piano is an extremely heavy item, and given the unusual shape, you will need one person at each ‘end’ to be able to distribute and manage the weight correctly. Inside the moving truck, the piano should not be kept near other items, especially not things that can topple over and fall onto the piano. If you are hiring a separate team for transporting your piano then this won’t be a concern since it’ll be taken in a separate van/ mini-truck. The piano should be tethered to the floor of the moving vehicle with ropes to keep it from sliding.