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Home Removals - The First Day of Unpacking

Most of us assume that a house moving is most about the packing and the moving part than anything else. That is where people are totally wrong - doing a home relocation is a long process and unpacking is the culmination of it. Settling in the new place is just as hard as letting go of the previous one. When you pack you don't really think about how you do things - as long as you manage to pack everything safely you are more or less satisfied with the result. Unpacking, however, is a whole other story. It is not just the mechanical process of opening boxes and arranging items - it is the process of turning an empty house into your home and adjusting to it. It's perhaps the hardest part of the whole process as you need to make the place look and feel right. Seeing all the boxes and the bags gathered in the empty living room on the first day of the moving in can be quite overwhelming. Most people don't even know where to start and how to do everything.  Here are the basics of a house removal's first day of moving in.

If you are unloading the truck yourself it may take you quite a while to get everything into the house. It is best to trust the movers with the big furniture pieces. However, you should make this decision before the day of the move, so you know exactly what you need to do. If you have an idea of the layout of your home before moving in, plan where the furniture will be positioned in advance. If you don't know the details about the layout though, make sure you arrive at least 30 minutes before the movers so you can decide where the furniture will be placed.

After you deal with the furniture it is time to set up the appliances and make sure they are connected and intact. Avoid using them in the first 24 hours though, as they might need time to adjust to the room temperature. Consult the manuals when dealing with the stove, refrigerator, washing machine and others. If you aren't sure about something always seek professional assistance.

Deal with the essential furniture first: beds, chairs, tables, shelves. You need a place to put your things and you need to put together the beds. After all, everyone in your family will need a good night sleep in order to feel energetic enough on the next day. The first few days after moving in are essential - this is when you arrange everything and make the place look like a true home. Unpack the table for the dining room or the kitchen so your family can sit together and eat. If you are moving with children make sure you maintain a normal routine, set their rooms first and allow them to arrange their toys, books and personal belongings. It is hard for children to adapt to the changes, so be considerate.

Don't stress out on the first day of the moving in. This is not even the hardest day of settling in. The best you can do is set up the beds, clean the living room and order take away food. Making your family feel comfortable at the new place is essential. Sit and relax - you need to reward yourself for all the work and efforts you have invested in the process.