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5 Kitchen Packing Suggestions and Tips

There comes a time in our lives when we have to pack our things and move. For many it's not a pleasurable thing to do and they look at it as a chore. But it doesn't have to be all bad if you have a plan to go by. Packing the kitchen is a tricky thing because even if it looks small the kitchen stores a lot of things and packing them is not a job to underestimate. I suggest five easy-to-follow steps that you can try when moving out of your residence.

Step 1; Prepare an essentials box. It is a must have, and once you start packing you will know why. What an essentials box should be is a box with the things you will use the last few days before your move out and the first few days after you've moved into your new place. Things you need every day - those could be dishes, cutlery, food items, dish soap, etc. They are individual for everyone and when the time comes for you to pack, you'll know exactly what to put in there.

Step 2; Sort your things. Knowing exactly what you have and where to put it is a key point. This is also a good opportunity for you to get rid of the things you won't need and never needed in the first place. Only pack the things you're going to use. There is no necessity for extra luggage. Be sure to go through everything, be selective. The things you don't need you can easily sell, as for the ones you can't sell just give them away to people who need them or throw them out.

Step 3; Get your boxes out! You'll need lots of boxes, bubble wrap, paper, knife protectors and other supplies. This might actually be the right time for you to use those boxes you've secretly been storing away. Don't be afraid to re-use boxes just be sure they are sturdy enough to hold your things. Labels are always good when you're packing; they ease the job of looking for things when you've finally moved.

Step 4; Store away the things you don't use very often. You'd want to have those things separated from the things you do use on a daily basis. Those could be cookbooks, dishes you use for special occasions, extra dishcloths and towels. Other things you might consider putting under the section of "not going to use right away" are unopened bottles of wine and liquor or other fluids, maybe even food that's sealed in glass bottles or jars. It is advisable to open them after you are done with the moving and unpacking, but there is a lot of time before that happens, unless you want to keep something out of the boxes and use in between the process of packing and moving.

Step 5; Start packing your drawers and shelves, as well as the dishes and pans. As I mentioned before, this is a good opportunity to set aside the things you no longer use and have no intentions of using in the future. You should start with the cutlery drawer. It's good to leave a set for your family members or only for yourself if you live alone (put them in the essentials box). After that, start packing glasses, plates and bowls. Take your time with this step as it will require a lot of attention. Be sure to wrap them nicely so they stay intact throughout the whole move. Lastly, pack your pans and pots.