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I'm thrilled with the service from the team. They are extremely punctual, incredibly efficient, and notably pragmatic. A wonderful experience overall.

  • Konnor L.
  • 15Jul 2024

The moving crew was exceptionally friendly, hardworking, efficient, and made an additional effort to ensure everything was done to a high standard.

  • Halee M.
  • 10Jul 2024

Fantastic service. Our first experience was impressive, and we'll definitely be future customers. Coordination was seamless, and the communicative staff made it better.

  • Eddie Dickey
  • 05Jul 2024

The movers were incredible, helping us unpack with great energy and dedication. We're very thankful for their hard work. Job well done!

  • Marian Duvall
  • 17Jun 2024

The movers and the people who delivered boxes beforehand were very professional, facilitating an effortless move.

  • Leeann K.
  • 29May 2024

The carefulness and thoroughness displayed by the movers gave me peace of mind.

  • I. Shore
  • 18Mar 2024

Highly recommend Removals France for their expertise in handling moves of all sizes and budgets.

  • Alden Craddock
  • 13Mar 2024

Moving can be overwhelming, but France Removals made it much easier with their reliability and efficiency.

  • Rhett Dallas
  • 28Feb 2024

Bravo to the team at this reputable moving company for their exceptional service during my recent move. They worked tirelessly while being mindful of handling everything with care.

  • Yasmeen Zielinski
  • 16Feb 2024

Thank you, Removal Companies, for making my move a seamless and stress-free experience.

  • Micheal Heredia
  • 11Feb 2024

Courteous movers - opted for their friendly and polite manner during our relocation around the lively city of London.

  • Riley Arias
  • 06Feb 2024

Removal Firm truly exceeded our expectations with their efficient moving services. In just one day, they transported all of our belongings to our new large home.

  • M. Crook
  • 01Feb 2024

Our items were moved with great care and efficiency by Movers France, making them the perfect option for any move.

  • Abram Terrell
  • 27Jan 2024

The movers' exceptional service and punctuality played a crucial role in making our move a success.

  • Mckinley R.
  • 22Jan 2024

Stress-free moving is possible with the help of this efficient, friendly, and skilled team of movers.

  • Donte Hutchins
  • 18Dec 2023

The movers from Moving France carried out a top moving service for me. There was plenty that needed to be accomplished during the course of the arduous day. They handled it all with ease and professionalism.

  • Caitlyn M.
  • 24Apr 2023

I heard about Removals from a friend so I hired them to help me move house. They are the fastest movers I have ever seen. Such dedication. Great blokes.

  • Amina Peace
  • 05Aug 2019

I wasn't expecting a domestic removals job with absolutely no issues. There's normally something that crops up. But with Removal Company on the job, there were no problems, no complaints at all. If there were issues, they rectified them immediately, because I certainly didn't know about them!

  • K. Ash
  • 06Nov 2017

The student removals service at Movers France is cheap and very good. I was worried that the mover would be rough with my items but he took care to move everything safely. Everything from my TV to my laptop was handled properly and nothing got broken so I am very happy!

  • Isidro D.
  • 21Jun 2016

I enjoyed partaking in packing alongside the kind staff from Removals France as we placed items around thousands of packing peanuts and wrapped furniture in shrink wrap. I learned so much and really appreciated it how the guys explained things to me in great detail.

  • A. King
  • 24Jun 2015

I was thinking about my move and it dawned on me how much work was involved. It seemed a simple process in my head at first but I considered how much I owned, so I would have a lot to pack, carry and transport. I knew I couldn't so this myself, so I quickly called up FranceRemovals. They gave me the support I required so that the move could be done on time. This was great and I was very impressed with their services. I will consider them again for another move.

  • Jaycob Yanez
  • 27May 2015

Moving to the other part of the country was the hardest thing me and my family ever had to go through. This would have been hell on Earth if it weren't for FranceRemovals and their high quality moving services. We needed a complete package from them and they gave us a quote right there, on the phone - and what's best is that, unlike other service providers of all kinds, they actually stuck to the initial price.

  • K. Godinez
  • 29Jan 2015

I have many people to thank for the success of our recent removal, and all of them work at FranceRemovals! The team were excellent, both on the move, and those at the office, and I was staggered by how little fuss and bother there was sorting the whole thing out. In many ways, you can't really complain if you get the house moved with no damages, little stress and for a decent price!

  • Marquis Decker
  • 10Sep 2014

My sister and brother and in law raved about FranceRemovals when they used them to move into the new home they bought so it was a natural choice for me when I had to move myself recently. I now see why they were so enthusiastic about them. First of all the price they quoted was brilliant and a big help to me. The removal men themselves were very professional but also friendly and didn't mind me telling them what to do now and then! I can see this company getting even bigger in the future if they keep up with the good work they did with my removals.

  • Averie Colby
  • 13Aug 2014

We sourced five different moving quotes and FranceRemovals's was second from the bottom. The lowest bidder seemed a bit dodgy to me, so we went up a rung - and boy are we glad we did! We had used two of the other firms on our shortlist before, and not only were FranceRemovals oh so much better than they were, but they were about half the price too! Rather than being stressful, moving day was typified by good humour and professionalism. They treated valuables and white goods with appropriate care, and were well equipped to box everything up. Great staff.

  • Kristin Villegas
  • 11Jun 2014

Finally moved house in the end, I thought it was never going to happen due to all the craziness, first of all we booked a removal company who called us three days before the move to say they'd double booked but had to allocate the slot to the first bookers, so we lost out! Then we booked another who then called us back to confirm the final price including VAT (which was ridiculous) so we didn't bother with them in the end. Then we found FranceRemovals who seemed reasonable and could fit us in so we went with them instead. Thankfully it all panned out in the end, this company were brilliant, we moved very quickly and I'm so glad that we chose them now, they say things come in threes and although our bad luck was headed that way, it worked out for the better for us!

  • Daquan McFarland
  • 02Jun 2014

What a breath of fresh air these guys are. FranceRemovals, unlike so many other firms we spoke to, were willing to provide us with moving boxes and other accessories at really affordable fee - this immediately endeared them to us. Also, there were a couple of times on the move when they needed to add extra fees to our bill, but always sought our permission in advance! All in all, the fees were highly reasonable and we paid without hesitation. Don't waste your time on the bigger removal company chains - use FranceRemovals and receive VFM and quality of service every time!

  • J. Navarrete
  • 21May 2014

I hired FranceRemovals a few months ago for storage. You see, I hadn't much room at my home and I needed somewhere safe to store my things whilst I found more space. I only needed a storage for just under a month. I didn't know what company to use because you never really do know who to trust. In the end, a friend recommended this removals company to me and I just booked with them. I couldn't be bothered to keep looking around. I am so pleased with their services! Well recommended!

  • Zechariah Sterling
  • 13May 2014

I wanted to come on and say how impressed I am with both the services and the prices which we got from FranceRemovals. While we had heard all about the help which they were able to provide, they still managed to deliver a fantastic moving experience and I cannot remember ever moving home so simply. But the prices were the big surprise and were just so much lower than the quotes which we received from other moving firms. I don't know how they do it, but they really did manage to provide us with a great move at a great price.

  • Alyse S.
  • 29Apr 2014

In all of my time as a responsible adult, I have only moved house three times. The first two were absolutely horrendous, though of course I didn't really realize at the time. It was only last week, when I moved house with the help of FranceRemovals that I found myself realizing how terrible a time I had had with those moves, as this one was so easy! The team are great at putting you in the driving seat, whilst also doing everything for you, so I felt like I was doing a great job, whilst really having to worry about very little! It all worked out pretty well really!

  • Blaze Faulkner
  • 16Apr 2014

I'm glad I didn't move house with any company other than FranceRemovals. Not only did I hire some of the most reliable and professional movers that I've ever had in my entire life, but I also got a great deal on packing boxes too! The movers at this company really went out of their way to accommodate for my needs, and they took proper precautions with my fragile items, which I was very grateful to see! I was surprised at how affordable this company is too, and I'll be calling them again should I ever need removal services of this high standard!

  • Arleth Mills
  • 04Apr 2014

I was moving house and as a working Mum with 3 children, had a lot of things to sort. My husband works away so it was left to me to arrange a removal company. A work friend suggested a company they had used on several occasions so I contacted them. FranceRemovals were very helpful from the start to finish of my move. The move began with the packing a 2 days before as we had so much stuff to sort! The removal day went without a hitch, everything got to our new home safely and there was nothing broken, and the cost was fine.

  • Alden Cornejo
  • 27Mar 2014

There's definitely something to be said for being able to find the best moving company every single time. It can make such a difference to the move, and I should know because I've been part of a fair few. These days though, we just call FranceRemovals. They take care of us like no other company does and it's their help which sees us through the move every single time. I can honestly say that there is not a better service out there and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to move. Great moving help every time, thanks.

  • Analisa Sells
  • 19Mar 2014

As someone who has spent a great deal of time in the industry myself, I've come to appreciate a great moving experience when I see it. FranceRemovals made sure that we got exactly the right service to suit our needs, at exactly the right price. We always work hard to find the best company, and it was a friend who suggested that we should check them out. That friend made our decision a lot easier and right from the first phone call we knew they were right for us. When it comes to removals, I know what works and these guys definitely do as well.

  • Dillan Holton
  • 06Mar 2014

If you're looking for help with moving home, I would personally suggest that you hire FranceRemovals. They managed to help my wife and I move in spite of the fact that we were really worried about the process. They recognised this almost immediately and went above and beyond in order to ensure that we never had to worry about anything. With their help, we enjoyed a stress free move and we're now settled into the new home in no time at all. I would like to thank everyone there once again and just say a big thanks from both me and my wife.

  • Willow Kemp
  • 01Mar 2014

FranceRemovals's man with a van service was the perfect money-saving service for me when I needed to move apartments. It is affordable, and something of a 'basic' service, but if you don't mind doing a bit of the hard work yourself its perfect. The best thing is that the removal expert who drives the van gives all sorts of help and advice in terms of the best way to move things and how to load the van. Next time I move, I wouldn't even consider anything else. With a removal van you have to do everything yourself, and full removals are too expensive. This however is perfect.

  • Delanie E.
  • 17Feb 2014

Some people find moving home really stressful, but I'd always assumed that I was lucky, but really, it was because I'd found FranceRemovals first time. The second time we moved, I gave a call around to some other companies, just to get an idea of what they offered, but I was surprised to find that they couldn't come anywhere near the experience I'd had on my first move. So I went back to the experts and, I must say, they continue to surprise and delight me. Massive thanks to them again for another great move.

  • Kierra Ahrens
  • 06Feb 2014

As a plumber I know how gruelling working in high temperatures can be; and I must say the two movers who were sent to get my removal appointment done a few days ago were absolutely relentless. They did not stop for a minute to take a break or ask for help from me; these guys worked like a well-oiled machine and as a result the entire move went off without a hitch. What's more, they finished my move well before the expected time giving me some much needed time off to just relax before returning to work the next day. Thanks for a wonderful experience!

  • Gwendolyn R.
  • 31Jan 2014

I wanted to get some help and advice on which packing materials I needed for my moving day. I have a lot of items which I didn't want to see become broken or damaged, but I really wasn't sure about what I should or shouldn't use to avoid accidents happening. I called FranceRemovals and they were able to help me by providing me with experienced packers who were able to make sure everything I owned was safe, secure and ready for transit. Nothing was broken when I unpacked and I was really glad I'd used this service!

  • Bradford Benton
  • 26Jan 2014

I'd originally planned to ask my friends for help with my heavy lifting when I was moving house, but I soon realised that this was a bad idea and opted for professional help from FranceRemovals instead. I'm so very glad that I did because I managed to have all my appliances and furniture moved quickly and without any trouble at all. I don't think I'll ever know how my movers managed to get my sofa out of my front door, but I know I couldn't have managed without them! Thank you for all of the amazing help I received!

  • Tianna B.
  • 21Jan 2014

Moving house and removals companies are the kind of things that you completely forget about until you are dealing with them. And then when you are involved in such things, you relearn everything, then forget it when you are done. Fortunately for us simpletons, there are excellent removals companies out there, like FranceRemovals who are doing this stuff every day, and making sure that we don't mess it all up for ourselves! If you can, get these guys to do your move, they are amazing.

  • Astrid Aiken
  • 08Jan 2014

Knowing that a removal can be extremely difficult, I was very pleased to have found FranceRemovals. They were absolute gents all the way through the move, helping me with everything from planning to perform the move itself. Whilst they may be considered as just glorified lifters, these chaps really knew the best way to get a person's belongings moved with ease and grace, and that was exactly what I got! I would certainly use them again in a heartbeat, but let's hope that I don't have to move house again for a long time yet!

  • X. Humphries
  • 03Jan 2014

Without the hard work and assistance from FranceRemovals I would have never been able to complete my home move. I chose to complete the move with the help of some friends, but I finally needed a little assistance with the larger objects. I hired a simple man and van company to provide the final service. They were able to load my larger items such as furniture and big boxes into their moving vehicle and transport it in one trip. They really saved me a lot of money as their prices were affordable. I recommend FranceRemovals for your man and van needs.

  • N. Wright
  • 23Dec 2013

After having little luck with other company removal services, I finally decided to go with FranceRemovals for my office removal after a referral from a friend. I had a lot of arrangements that had to be organized and I was beginning to get overwhelmed until I called up FranceRemovals. They were able to provide immediate assistance in planning my office move. They saved me a lot of time and money. They were able to work when it was most convenient for my business I didn't lose valuable work time. Their prices were also extremely affordable, which of course, I loved!

  • Alina Torrez
  • 18Dec 2013

If anyone is concerned about their move going well, or about paying too much for a sloppy removal, then they should give FranceRemovals a call. The team made sure that everything went completely smoothly, and that nothing was missed out or forgotten. In fact, there was not a single thing broken throughout the whole move, which was mad! I couldn't believe that such a service existed for the great price that I got! It may have been a massive fluke on their part, but given how composed and experienced everyone on the team seemed, I would be surprised if that was the case!

  • Reynaldo Brandenburg
  • 05Dec 2013

Having felt like getting a fully sized removals company in was a little bit too much for our move, my girlfriend convinced me to try out FranceRemovals as her Dad had said they were great. I was surprised to find that they could reduce their work force for smaller jobs, which meant that we could afford to have a service tailored for our needs. The team were great, lovely to work with and a top bunch of guys. I know that we'll be using them if we need to move again in the future, but I hope that we don't have to!

  • Misty Giron
  • 30Nov 2013

If I was concerned about the move before I rang FranceRemovals then I certainly was not afterwards! The team were great at making sure that I was well looked after at all times, as well as ensuring that I was not ever in a stressful position. Their customer service was exceptional, and I was really pleased to have found them, even after simply talking to them on the phone! I've never done a review like this before, but they deserve it after doing such a great job on my move. Great price as well, so fantastic value!

  • Shaun Loy
  • 25Nov 2013

Moving house is not my favourite activity, I'll be honest. However, FranceRemovals made it a lot more fun that it has been in the past! Fun is probably the wrong word, but it was not the epic struggle that I expect of a move, rather an easy and efficient series of tasks that were sorted rather easily by the team. We all know how much stress a move can involve, so having a group of removers who knew how to relax us was handy, and made everything seem a lot quicker and easier.

  • D. Poore
  • 14Nov 2013

My recent move was seriously easy thanks to FranceRemovals. They really did go that extra mile to ensure that we were all really well accommodated throughout the move, in that they knew what we needed, whether it was advice or a little extra info on what was going on and why, so that we never felt lost or confused! It is nice to find a company who put the customer so far ahead of themselves, so we were really pleased with how it all went. Highly recommended for any removal if you are in need of a job done well!

  • Hunter Moon
  • 09Nov 2013

I was very surprised at how diligent and industrious the people from FranceRemovals were. The team made light work of what I thought was going to be a grueling move, as there was a lot of stuff to be moved. The staff were all nice and friendly, and didn't mind that my dogs were around the house, which had been a concern of mines, as some people hate dogs. The price was very fair for the job at hand, and all went really easily, so a great job all round really!

  • J. Francois
  • 04Nov 2013

I would say that these lot are the best team I have ever had round to help with the move. We've moved a couple of times in the past two years for work, so I'm getting pretty used to the whole game, and it is nice to find a company who stand out in such a way. We've never had a bad experience per say, but we've never been treated with the kind of respect as when we used FranceRemovals for our removals last week. It is testament to their skill that nothing was broken, whilst the move was still extremely efficient, Thanks!

  • Shaina H.
  • 30Oct 2013

What can you say about FranceRemovals? Without wanting to sound like a school girl with a crush, they are excellent. The team were all friendly, and made sure we were in the loop at all times, taking the time out of their busy work to let us know what was going on and when. Perhaps this is how all removals companies are, but I can't remember a time when I have been impressed enough by a service to come on here and write a review! A massive thank you to all there and in particular the guys that helped us on our move day.

  • Infant Escobar
  • 25Oct 2013

I was happy with the results of my move with FranceRemovals, they gave a good price for the job, and everything was done to an efficient standard. I was very happy with the way the staff treated me and my husband, as we were worried about introducing new people in to our house, especially with handling all of our valuables. There were no breakages to mention, and everything went very smoothly. Hopefully we will not be moving again anytime soon, but if we do I will be sure to use the company again, as they were of great quality.

  • Kolby Swenson
  • 18Oct 2013

I'd like to say thanks so much to the team over at FranceRemovals for reducing the stress that comes with moving house. I was a little panicked, being a single parent, that I would not have the time to get everything done in a decent way, but the team made me feel like everything was in control. The staff were friendly, and I can't fault the customer service, so overall it was a great service. Far away from the terrible time I thought I was going to have, Thanks Again!

  • Mckinley Meyer
  • 13Oct 2013

I didn't want a removal company to come and make a mess of my office when my company was moving to new premises and when I told FranceRemovals what I needed from our removal team, they delivered. Our move was very well planned and carried out by hardworking and capable staff, which meant that nothing got lost or misplaced during our move and we were able to unpack and resume business from where we left off. If you are moving to a new office, I would strongly advise using this company as they know what they are doing and have the staff to cope with any move of any size.

  • M. Taggart
  • 08Oct 2013

I employed FranceRemovals to help me with the difficult process of downsizing this month. I had many different items to sort, some of which were coming with me, some which were going into storage and others that were being left for the tip. This wonderful removal firm helped me through the whole process, with their packing team following my directions with precision. When it come to the move, absolutely nothing went wrong with each box sent to the correct location. They even provided me with the fabulous storage which has been keeping my possessions secure while I decide what to do with them. It was an excellent experience.

  • Marissa Tong
  • 03Oct 2013

I own an American-style restaurant located on a busy main road leading into a city centre. When the time came for us to expand and relocate, we knew this wasn't going to be a walk in the park. I have to say, though, that FranceRemovals were outstanding from the moment we gave them a call to the moment they placed our last set of table and chairs! And all this in the middle of a busy main road. I don't give away my ‘Deluxe Cheese Burgers' lightly but these guys truly deserved them! I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to move businesses. 5 stars.

  • Cesar Krebs
  • 28Sep 2013

As far as I am concerned, you could do little better than book France Movers for your move. I recently moved out of an office I have been based at for the past ten years. It was difficult to know who to trust with the big job of moving all of my bits and bobs out of the office but I took a chance on these guys and it really paid off. They negotiated well with my three flights of windy stairs (which I would have stood zero chance with) and they had packed all of my things away into their van in no time at all. The hardest part of the day for me was simply having to say goodbye to a place that was full of memories. Beyond that the removal folks took care of everything else. I suggest them to you highly.

  • Malaysia Israel
  • 23Sep 2013

A big thanks to the team at FranceRemovals who just recently did my office relocation. The staff members were friendly and hard-working throughout the entire process. They didn't disrupt the office routine and provided invaluable support and moving advice. They accommodated their services to fit my schedule and the business was up and running immediately. I was so impressed with their services as they understand the importance of professionalism. Their services are unmatched and their prices are great. Thanks for such hard work and dedication!

  • R. Daly
  • 14Sep 2013

Working with Moving France was the best choice I made during my office move. The process of moving my office was daunting and worrying. But Moving France was able to iron out all the intricacies and assist me in making travel arrangements. They went over the top on their service and answered all the questions I had about the removal process. I couldn't have asked for a better company to execute this big move. Their prices were affordable and they worked on my time. I recommend them for any move, small or large, they work great together. Thanks for your hard work!

  • Greta Starling
  • 09Sep 2013

Moving with Movers france was one of the best choices I have made throughout my home moving process. They were reliable and affordable and kept me informed throughout each stage of the move. They were really organized during the packing process and supplied me with all the necessary boxes and supplies I needed to do some packing myself. I couldn't believe how quick they were in unloading my belongings. I was set up in no time. They are a wonderful professional moving company with affordable prices.

  • Tabitha McGrath
  • 04Sep 2013

Choosing a removal company for my home move was a complicated process. I had used some removal companies in the past and was unimpressed with their services, so I was rather hesitant this time. But France Movers thoroughly surpassed my expectations. They were able to work around my busy schedule and they packed and loaded all my belongings with ease. The service was affordable and the staff were friendly. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for a reliable moving company at an affordable price.

  • Clyde Olivarez
  • 30Aug 2013

I own lots of expensive and delicate equipment so I was worried about it all when I had to move. I thought things would be broken or lost. I contacted Removals France in hopes of some advice on how to keep things secure and they did that by giving me advice and supply packing materials. They even sent people to help me pack things and then they carefully carried and transport my things to my new address. Everything was clean and secure when it arrived, so thank you for taking care of my belongings.

  • M. Zielinski
  • 22Aug 2013

Moving France are easily the best removal firm I have ever encountered. From the moment I called them I knew things were going well because they asked me about my move and aimed to discover what I wanted. This allowed me to have a relocation that went with my desires and time frame, ensuring I got a move convenient for me. They went the extra mile to ensure everything went well and that I received the move I wanted. Their aim is to give the customer the best move possible and that is what I received.

  • Nadine Vann
  • 17Aug 2013

I was all set for my home removal when I realised my things weren't packed properly. I thought the boxes I was using would be okay but they were tearing when lifted. Combined with the fact the things inside them weren't wrapped up, I felt my possessions were in trouble. I called Movers france for some advice and they taught me how to properly pack my things and even provided the best wrapping and boxes, so that the job could be completed properly. They put my move back on track and so I want to take this opportunity to thank them.

  • Jadah C.
  • 12Aug 2013

Moving home had never been something I've found easy. I've relocated a few times in my life and each occasion was a struggle. It can be tough to do everything yourself and even having the help of friends and family doesn't make it easy. I decided to call in the expert and so I contacted FranceRemovals. They had a team handle everything for me so I barely had to pack my things and didn't have to carry any of them. They were taken directly to my new house so I could enjoy it immediately, thanks to them.

  • Jeff C.
  • 07Aug 2013

I was anticipating my move eagerly but when I found out I had to be in my new abode by the end of the week things became problematic. Knowing I couldn't do it alone I called France Movers for assistance. I told them about my situation and they were sympathetic towards me and eager to please. They sent enough people to my house so that everything could be quickly packed and transported. I was worried I wouldn't be able to do things on time but thanks to them, I had time to spare.

  • S. Woodward
  • 11Jul 2013

Moving to a new home was something I knew would be difficult but when I started to look into the process, I realised it would be a lot tougher than I thought. Knowing I would have trouble doing it, I immediately contacted FranceRemovals. I had heard good things about them and was intrigued to see how they could help me. They were able to handle every aspect of the move, from the usual things like packing and transportation, to aspects such as advice and guidance, storage, and much more. They offer a comprehensive service that made my move simple.

  • Diego Heard
  • 06Jul 2013

I was apprehensive to contact a removal company at first. I was looking for some advice on the best way to go about the process but I anticipated nothing but a long list of services and deals that they would try to get me agree to. I was pleasantly surprised though to find that FranceRemovals didn't do this and instead answered my questions and gave me all the information I required. I found them insightful helpful and would contact them again if I ever find myself undergoing another relocation.

  • Jaquan Purcell
  • 01Jul 2013

I'd never moved home before and so I was dreading the process. I didn't know how to pack my things, whether I'd be able to carry them and I was doubting that I could get everything to my new house in my car. Then I discovered Removals France and everything became simple. They answer my questions, gave me a quote and then sent a team of movers to my house. They had everything done in no time and I didn't need to lift a finger. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is moving home.

  • Dalton Saldivar
  • 26Jun 2013

If you want magnificent service that is reasonably priced, contact FranceRemovals today! I called them up last week to arrange a removal date and today I am typing this out in my brand new home. That's right, I have already moved. Bearing in mind that I had not even packed my belongings, I'd say that a removal in a week is very impressive. This goes to show how effectively and quickly the staff works. 5 out of 5 all the way. Very happy indeed.

  • Malka Ibarra
  • 07Jun 2013

I was so overwhelmed about moving in with my long term boyfriend that I completely forgot all about moving my belongings to his, and trust me, there are lots of belongings (especially shoes). A friend of mine recommended Moving France who also offered packing services. Before I knew it, my items were disappearing off the shelves and being packed neatly into boxes. Having professional people come in and pack my stuff allowed me to spend more time planning my new life with my boyfriend. I could never have done it without them.

  • Jarred Curran
  • 02Jun 2013

What's not to like about Removals France and their staff? They are never late, get on with their work without complaining, complete the work to a very high standard and are ever so polite. The price was also very reasonable which was a total bonus for me since I was trying to save a few pennies here and there. My removal was handled with great care and none of my possessions were broken or damaged, so I was more than pleased. My experience with Removals France has been great and I will be sure to recommend them to everyone I know.

  • Shanya W.
  • 28May 2013

What can I say about France Movers? I only have praise and nothing but praise. I was so worried about moving overseas, but the dedicated, highly trained staff made my removal experience a success story I aim to share for as long as possible. It felt as if everyone genuinely wanted to help me and they even gave me a few hints and tips along the way. They certainly knew what they were doing which took a huge burden off my mind. If you ever think about moving abroad, France Movers is the company for you!

  • T. Marquardt
  • 23May 2013

France Movers provided me with an exceptional moving service when I had to relocate my business to another area. The care and support they gave was 100%. France Movers are reliable and efficient and nothing was too much trouble. Great care was taken by the team with all of my belongings in getting to their new destination. I will definitely keep their details to pass on in the future to people I know needing a removals company.

  • K. Taylor
  • 18May 2013

I've struggled for a long time to find a good removals company I can count on for all of my moves. A good friend told me about France Movers, and at first I was apprehensive. However, when I called them up I was amazed by their professionalism. The ladies from customer service were so well-mannered and really helpful. They knew what they were talking about and they gave me some very useful information. They even gave me so handy moving tips which were really useful. As for the movers themselves, they too were excellent. They were polite and hard working, as well as efficient. I couldn't have been happier with their service. I was also pleased by their prices. All in all, I couldn't recommend this company enough!

  • H. Nolan
  • 13May 2013

I went travelling for three months and during that time I needed a removals company I could rely on for storage facilities. I wanted my valuable items stored whilst I was away. After a long time searching the internet, I finally found a company worth calling - Removals France. Because I was so happy with their phone manner, I decided to book a date. I even got to view my storage unit beforehand to make sure it was what I was looking for. The storage unit was clean, dry and very much secure. It was kept well and when I returned to pick up my items, all was fine. All in all, a great removals company!

  • W. Giordano
  • 08May 2013

Hiring Movers france was the best thing I ever did. So far I have used their services around five times and I'm yet to be let down by their performance. They still treat me like a new customer which I feel is a great thing because it certainly makes me want to use them again. All in all, I have nothing bad to say about Movers france. Personally, I think the services they provide are great - completely faultless. I'm sure you'll be just as pleased.

  • W. Hammons
  • 20Apr 2013

Are you looking for a decent removals company? I think we all are if we're honest. And I'm very pleased to say that I have found one, Moving France. From start to finish, this removals company has been brilliant in every way. From the administrative team to the team of movers - every person that works here is well trained and really helpful. They even give you useful moving tips. So basically, I can't complain at all. More than anything I'm just over the moon that I've found a great moving company I can use from now on.

  • Chancellor Elizondo
  • 15Apr 2013

My wife and I want to send our regards to the whole team at Moving France for your endless help and support. We couldn't have done it without you. Thanks for transporting our items to our new home safely. We were just so impressed by your excellent service that we had to tell everyone we knew about you. It's been an enjoyable move and thankfully, nothing went wrong. All the best and thanks so much for everything.

  • Ismael Monroy
  • 10Apr 2013

I want to say a big thank you to all the team at Removals France for your endless help, support and patience. As a student, it's never easy coping with all the chores that go alongside moving. I was really happy with their service and their staff. All the staff was friendly and helpful. I couldn't have asked for a better removals company. They also offered me a quote I couldn't refuse. I'm always on a budget, but I found this company completely affordable. Thank you so much Removals France! Highly recommended!!!

  • Marisela Bruns
  • 25Mar 2013

The lads that moved my belongings to my new flat were excellent - true professionals. You could tell that they were all well trained because they certainly knew what they were doing. Despite the fact that I had tons of boxes, the guys did all the loading and unloading. They also carried all my boxes to my doorstep. I was relieved because I suffer from back ache occasionally and carrying heavy things just makes the problem worse. I can't recommend Moving France enough. Everything about them is excellent. I am very happy with them and I want to say a big thank you to all the team.

  • Kaylea Girard
  • 20Mar 2013

I moved with Movers france a few months ago and I was more than satisfied with the service they provided. I knew from the moment I spoke to customer service that they were a good removals company I could trust. And they were. On moving day, the removal guys came early, began working and did all the loading and unloading without stopping for a break. Each member of the team was polite and friendly, as well as hardworking and diligent. Overall, an excellent removals company you must consider hiring. I was really impressed with their moving service and will certainly be using them again.

  • V. Denton
  • 15Mar 2013

Thank you so much Movers france for moving my possessions to my new flat. I want to send my regards to the customer service team for their endless help and support, and also to the removals team for their hard work and diligence. Thank you for making my move smooth and easy. It wasn't at all hectic and that is thanks to you. I can't say how happy I am to have found such a wonderful company with great staff at brilliant prices. Thank you!!!

  • Brayan M.
  • 10Mar 2013

Thanks FranceRemovals for making my move overseas easy and laid back. Moving abroad isn't easy as it is but it makes is so much less hectic if our belongings are moved by a professional company that doesn't charge the earth. FranceRemovals has been excellent right from the very beginning. I'm very happy I've found such a brilliant removals company. I will be using them from now on for all my moving needs. Thanks!

  • Nakia Kimbrough
  • 05Mar 2013

Not only were FranceRemovals brilliant with me and managed my relocation without any trouble or added hassle, the price of the whole move was very reasonable too. Moving can be horrifically expensive but is often something that you just have to bare and put up with. I was fortunate to find the contact details of FranceRemovals when I did, as this is how I found the professional removal services which I then went on to use when I moved house. After moving with this company, I was left one satisfied client and would use their services again for sure.

  • Jedidiah Riggins
  • 26Feb 2013

I am so happy that Moving France relocated my items. Finding a decent removals company is not always easy and I was afraid that I wasn't going to be able to find a company that could offer me the services that I wanted and at a price that was affordable. I was pleased to find that this company offered me just what I needed and more. No other company could match their great prices and professionalism and that is why I made the final decision to hire them. They did a great job!

  • Keara G.
  • 21Feb 2013

I highly recommend France Movers to every home owner, business owner or student who is planning to relocate in the near future. Relocating is made easier when you have the help and support from a well organised and professional team. I didn't feel alone during this move because I knew that the team at this firm were always there for me at the other end of the phone if I had any problems.

  • Margarita Reyna
  • 13Feb 2013

When I was going through my removals process, my friends and colleagues at work didn't even know about it until they checked it with me. I had initially told them of my plans to move and they were all well aware of these plans. Everybody knew that I was worried about the relocation but then I hired Movers france and this is where the questions and worries stopped. After I made this very wise decision of hiring this very professional company, I no longer went on about my removal issues and concerns at work or in front of my friends because there was no longer a reason to worry. My colleagues and friends were confused at how I had suddenly stopped talking about relocating and then I explained to them that I hired Movers france who took care of everything and took this weight off of my mind! I am very satisfied with this company and the removal services they helped me with!

  • Jaeden Borders
  • 08Feb 2013

France Movers treat you like royalty from start to finish. Calling them is a delight because you get to chat to the friendly staff at customer service that offers you tips of packing and moving. Moving with them is great because the removal men work hard, quickly and efficiently and treat you more like a mate than a client. I honestly didn't feel bad about giving them a rather generous tip at the end of the day. They only stopped working once when they had a short tea break. I shall be using them again when I move next.

  • Frida Southard
  • 03Feb 2013

Need a decent removals company? FranceRemovals is the one to choose. From beginning to end, my move with them was smooth and enjoyable. Not once did they let me down and not once did they ignore my questions. It's really tiring trying to find a removals company that you can trust with your belongings. I've had my stuff nicked in previous moves and I never wanted that to happen again. FranceRemovals is a brilliant removals company that I have recommended to all of my mates and to my parents too.

  • Elaina Ruiz
  • 29Jan 2013

Moving can come about at anytime so it and rsquo;s always handy to have the number of a removals company that you trust and can rely on at hand. and nbsp; Removals France for me are that removals company and I have used them twice now and ndash; once for my home move and once for my commercial move. They offer great value services and are flexible to work around their clients. I think more companies could take a leaf out of their book! Keep up the outstanding work!

  • L. Epperson
  • 24Jan 2013

A team like and nbsp; Movers france deserves the recognition, appraisal and good references that they get because they do one thing that many other companies don and rsquo;t do and that is to make relocating easy and manageable for all of their business and home owner clients. I think they even offer help with things like packing, storage solutions and also student moves too. I would not think of hiring another firm for my relocation needs again if I was ever to move again in the future of course. The team were reliable and worked really hard. Prices were inexpensive and reasonable too.

  • Zoie Brooks
  • 19Jan 2013

The removal services from and nbsp; Moving France are the bets I have seen yet. Most removal companies tend to advertise the same thing and rarely meet the promises that they set out, but this company are not like that. I was offered a wide range of removal services and could select the one that best suited me and my situation. The move was made especially for me so that it wouldn and rsquo;t come between me and my normal personal and working life. From what I have seen from them, I would definitely recommend them because I am sure they will provide the same high quality, good value services for all of you as well!

  • Marlen Baum
  • 14Jan 2013

Great job! and nbsp; Removals France are a fantastic removals company and are professional at what they do. They work hard and deliver great results. Thanks so much!

  • Steve Bowens
  • 09Jan 2013

The estimate was reasonable and I chose Removals France because of the positive reviews they had received. My move was just across the street and it was for furniture only. Their team was right on time, fast and very knowledgeable. I will surely use them again!

  • Raelynn A.
  • 30Dec 2012

I got great value for my money! FranceRemovals are one of the best moving companies, very helpful, honest, dependable and courteous. They charged me a fair rate with no extra charges. I would recommend them 100% to all of my friends!

  • Dominik P.
  • 25Dec 2012

Movers france really is one of the best moving companies. They delivered my furniture to my new home and I started inspecting every piece and looking for any damages or scratches. Fortunately everything was in the same condition as I left it. Best regards!

  • Rayne Carrier
  • 20Dec 2012

I used Movers france, because I moved for the second time and I wasn't happy with the services of the previous movers, which is why I decided to try Movers france. They did a terrific job, they were honest and very efficient. I will use them again without a doubt.

  • Gwendolyn P.
  • 15Dec 2012

For my last move from London to Cambridge I used the services of Moving France. Wendy in the office was very kind and answered all of my questions. She told me that their movers would arrive between 5 and 6 and right at 5:00 the movers were at my home. They were competent and very courteous. I would be glad to use them again!

  • X. Pinkerton
  • 10Dec 2012

I just want to send my thanks to the amazing crew from Removals France. I hired them for a local move and they were fantastic. The moving crew arrived on time and took care of everything. They were careful with my floors and walls as well. I couldn't be more pleased!

  • J. Jauregui
  • 05Dec 2012

The movers showed up on time for my removal and were very focused on the job. They wrapped everything very tightly and used pads to protect my furniture. They completed the job within the estimated time and there were no hidden fees at the end. Thank you Moving France!

  • Treyton Paulsen
  • 30Nov 2012

I have moved a lot and by far this was my best experience ever. I used Removals France based on a friend's recommendation, and I was impressed by the speed with which they worked and that humans answered the phone every time I called. I would definitely use them again!

  • Genaro Oldham
  • 25Nov 2012

I just can't recommend Moving France highly enough. Their representative, Maria, was also great. She helped me a lot by explaining the whole process and all the charges in detail. I am glad that there were no hidden charges.

  • Milena T.
  • 20Nov 2012

I have used Removals France twice now and I have been twice impressed by their hard work and flexibility. They have organised every single detail. I cannot stop recommending them! I will surely use them again!

  • Jacie Givens
  • 15Nov 2012

I just want to take a moment to thank FranceRemovals for the terrific job they did transporting my piano from my mum's house to mine. I was impressed with how careful they were. I will definitely use their services again if needed!

  • Trevin H.
  • 10Nov 2012

Movers france are just great. Their price was affordable and they did as they explained and promised. I had a huge house removal and they really took the stress out of it for me. They packed all of my items without a scratch or anything. Best regards!

  • J. Cisneros
  • 05Nov 2012

I just wanted to share how impressed we were with the two men that Moving France sent us to help with our house removal. It was a difficult move because we were on the second floor and the movers had to carry everything down the stairs, but I did not hear them complaining even once. Great movers, fantastic service. Thank you!

  • Gregory R.
  • 31Oct 2012

I used the services of Moving France as well and I was very happy. They also did just as they had explained beforehand. I received my items right on time, as promised. Everything was unloaded and the guys reassembled any furniture that I needed them to. Thank you very much Moving France.

  • Nolan D.
  • 26Oct 2012

Movers france did an excellent job for me and my family, moving us from Selsdon to Upper Norwood. They movers were very well organized. I was absolutely impressed with their fantastic ability to work as a team. Thank you very much!

  • Albert E.
  • 21Oct 2012

I can't recommend this company highly enough. They actually made the whole moving process stress free for me. They explained to me how to manage everything very easily. Claudia the sales representative was always there for me if I had any questions. Thank you very much FranceRemovals!

  • Garett Calabrese
  • 16Oct 2012

I hired France Movers based on their positive feedback on the Internet. I contacted their office representative and they explained everything from the beginning to the end. I was surprised on the day of my move, because they did just as they had explained. Everything went smoothly without any problems. Thank you very much to the great employees of France Movers.

  • P. Santoro
  • 11Oct 2012

This was overall an amazing experience. I moved from a small flat in Sutton to a new one in Birmingham. The moving crew from France Movers helped me pack all of my stuff, loaded it in their truck and they even stored my items for a week for me. Today I received them and everything is in excellent condition. Thank you very much!

  • Evelyn Zink
  • 06Oct 2012

Moving France made my moving day feel like it was an ordinary day. All of the employees were competent and very well organized. They finished the whole moving process in no time. Thank you very much!

  • Jimmie Guidry
  • 01Oct 2012

My father got a new job in Norwich, so we had to move. My father hired Moving France and I have to say we all were more than pleased with their services and attitude. It was nice to work with professionals because they moved us in no time. I wish this company and its team success!

  • Lucy Kendall
  • 26Sep 2012

I have moved four times in the last two years. I had a really bad experience with moving companies in the past, so I was afraid to use the services of France Movers even though my best friend strongly recommended it to me. Today I am glad I contacted them because from the beginning to the end everything went smooth. I was even happier after unwrapping my belongings in my new home because there was not a single item broken or even scratched. Thank you very much France Movers.

  • Blaise Travis
  • 21Sep 2012

FranceRemovals are the best. On the day of my move they called me early in the morning to inform me that they would be at my place in 50 minutes and they arrived right on time. It was a very tense day for me, but thanks to the moving crew everything went perfectly. Best regards!

  • J. Villegas
  • 16Sep 2012

I moved from Northampton to Peterborough last week and I used the services of Movers france. I am completely satisfied with their company, because they were completely organized and finished the whole moving process in no time, without any problems. The price was competitive and there were no hidden charges at the end. Great company!

  • J. Cote
  • 11Sep 2012

My husband and I were extremely happy with the services of Movers france. The moving crew were polite and careful. We are planning another move next month, so we will definitely contact their office again. Best regards!

  • D. Livingston
  • 06Sep 2012

I used Moving France a couple of times over a period of 4 years and I am very happy with their services. It is a very large company and has been around for a very long time. Every time I need such services I contact Moving France. For me this is the only company I can rely on. With them I am completely sure that my belongings are in very good and professional hands. I have never had any problems with them. Thank you very much and good luck to your team.

  • D. Reynolds
  • 01Sep 2012

Absolutely fantastic service. We booked our move on short notice, but it was not a problem for them. The crew were very friendly and made our day run perfectly. We will definitely use Movers france in the future and will recommend them to all of our friends and family.

  • A. Glick
  • 27Aug 2012

Movers france were excellent from the beginning to end. The moving crew took good care of my belongings and placed them exactly as I asked. They were the hardest working movers I have ever seen. I have already recommended them to all of my family and friends.

  • Deangelo N.
  • 22Aug 2012

France Movers are an extremely professional company. I was very happy with their services. Their rep was approachable and polite the whole time. The moving men arrived right on schedule and there were no problems or lost items. Highly recommended!

  • Denzel H.
  • 17Aug 2012

A friend of mine recommended FranceRemovals and I am so happy I used them. It was a real pleasure for me to work with such professionals. I can't stop recommending them. This moving team really knows what to do. For my next move I will definitely use them again.

  • M. Zhao
  • 12Aug 2012

I am very happy with the services of Movers france. Their removal crew were efficient and respectful to my belongings. I have already recommended their services to my colleagues and family.

  • Simone B.
  • 07Aug 2012

From start to finish I received a great service. The movers were very helpful and friendly, which was just what I needed, because I was with my newborn baby. The team from Movers france did everything for me to make my day stress free. Actually they did all the work by themselves. I couldn't ask for more. Thank you very much, I am glad that there are still good people like you nowadays. I am recommending your services to all of my family and friends.

  • Lester Laster
  • 02Aug 2012

This is my second time using the Moving France moving team. I felt really bad not leaving a review the first time, because they were as good as now. Thanks to them I already know how to organize everything, so the move can be done smoothly. They are always on time and try to finish everything as soon as possible, taking a good care of my belongings at the same time. Thank you for helping me every time.

  • Jazmyn Bundy
  • 28Jul 2012

I moved from Lille to Reims, France and I was referred to France Movers by a friend. On the day of the move the representative from their office called me to inform me that the moving team would be late 10 minutes. The guys were so friendly and cautious. They wrapped everything for me in no time and delivered it in perfect condition to my new home. I want to thank them for everything and wish them the best of luck.

  • Victoria Fournier
  • 23Jul 2012

As a person who has moved an average of once per year the last 5 years, I can truly say that Removals France are the best moving company. Do not hesitate to use them, because I am sure you will not regret it. First of all, their customer services are perfect, they answered every one of my calls. The moving men were right on time and got the job done so quickly. Last but not least every one of my belongings came in the same condition I left them in. Really great experience.

  • Jillian Wong
  • 16Jul 2012

It was my husband's and my first move and we decided to hire a moving company instead of using friends and a car. And I have to admit this was the best decision we have ever made. We chose HANDY MOVES based on their positive feedback online. The moving crew they sent was very friendly and efficient. All of our belongings are here with us in our new house and nothing is damaged. Thank you very much for the perfect service. We will definitely use your company again in the future.

  • Jonas U.
  • 11Jul 2012

I am very pleased with the moving and packing services I received last week from Movers france. The movers were very efficient, polite, and friendly. They worked quickly and asked me questions to make sure everything was going well. I am strongly recommending them!

  • Amaiya Chambers
  • 06Jul 2012

My partner and I used FranceRemovals as well. The price was good and also the service was fantastic. The movers were polite and hard working. There was always a polite person to take our call when we would call to inquire about delivery. We will definitely use them again.

  • Tyriq Judge
  • 01Jul 2012

A friend of mine recommended Movers france for me and it was a very good experience. They were right on time and very organized and courteous. I will recommend your moving company to all my friends.

  • Caitlyn Burdick
  • 26Jun 2012

This was my second time I have used FranceRemovals and like the first time they did not let me down. Again theywrapped and packed everything for me. Nothing was crushed or damaged. I hope I won't need to move again, but if I have to I will definitely use FranceRemovals again.

  • C. Freeman
  • 19Jun 2012

I had a wonderful experience with Moving France as well. Everything went perfectly. They were very nice and I was very pleased with their work. I will definitely use them again.

  • Gissell Aldridge
  • 14Jun 2012

Everybody knows how stressing and tiring moving can be. Before I decided to hire Removals France I was terrified that some of my possessions might be damaged. I don't think I could have gotten through it without their support. I was so relieved to find out all my things were delivered undamaged.

  • T. Yost
  • 07Jun 2012

I am glad to share my appreciation about the services of Moving France. They completed their job quickly and efficiently. The staff was so nice and friendly that I didn't notice the time passing. Everything was perfect.

  • Shemar Hilton
  • 02Jun 2012

The only movers I trust because they have guaranteed prices, without any additional charges, is Moving France. Because of my dynamic job I have to move my whole office around the UK and I always use their professional team. I have never had any bad experiences with this company. Thanks for always being there for me.

  • Shelby Rainey
  • 28May 2012

I used France Movers for a move last weekend and I can highly recommend them, because they were at my place on time and they were very careful with all of my stuff. Thank you guys!

  • Frida Webber
  • 23May 2012

I would recommend the services of Removals France because I am really satisfied with your job. You are awesome.

  • Marcellus Parkinson
  • 18May 2012

I was in a hurry to move my old house from Brighton to my new house in Sutton. A friend of mine recommended Moving France, so I contacted the company and they gave me great tips on what to do and where to start. The guys were at my location early in the morning, which was great because I needed to run out. They called before they arrived and when they got there I was amazed. The truck was beautiful; the men introduced themselves and started to work immediately. The guys were very, very good at their work. They made sure that I was content with how they wrapped my furniture and everything. Very amazed. Good deal.

  • Candace Dumas
  • 13May 2012

We've hired Movers france, and I have found them to be honest and careful - bubble wrapping all our antique stuff. The crew were polite and professionally attired. I highly recommend them.

  • Aman S.
  • 08May 2012