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What to Unpack First When Moving Home

Packing things in a certain order is important, but unpacking them once you settle in your new abode is just as important. To avoid stress and confusion it helps to have a plan of what you want to unpack first and certain items should be unpacked first. You don’t want valuables that could be broken lying around as heavy items are being moved. Read the labelsYou should have labelled all your packed boxes so you know what is inside. There is no point in opening random boxes to dig through if you don’t need to unpack it straight away. If you can clearly see what’s inside a box you know whether you need to put it to one side to unpack later or whether you need it immediately. Having labelled boxes should also help you load and unload the removal van or truck in the correct order so boxes and furniture can be unloaded in the correct order. Also try and keep a note on the boxes for which room they are going to be used in. If a box is just marked as pictures that could lead it ending up in the master bedroom when you want it in the living room.Size does matterUnloading large items like white good such as fridges, freezers and washing machines and furniture like beds, sofas, chairs and tables should be your priority. These items are the more cumbersome items and will require more room to manoeuvre in when bringing them into the home. You don’t to want to have to try and carry in a couch when there are dozens of boxes across the floor.  Setting these items down first will also allow you to start planning the layout of your rooms and allow you to unpack other items around them. Have essentials readily availableHave a box that is labelled for essentials. In this box have items like cups, plates, knives, forks, food, tea, coffee and a kettle. Unpacking these essentials early will mean you can have a break to help clam yourself so you don’t let the stress of the day make things more difficult. If you have already brought in your furniture you can have a sit down a have a drink. Moving is hard work so having food to hand is a good idea as you’ll need to eat to keep you your energy. Take it one step at a timeOnce you have placed your larger items your new property will begin to feel a lot like home. Use this to your advantage and start unpacking your boxes and filling one room at a time. If you can see your new home taking shape around you it is an incentive to carry on through the mountains of boxes that need to be unloaded. Prioritise the rooms that you are going to spend more time in. Unpacking into a new home can be a long task so having a room unpacked and feeling homely gives you some where to go and relax and get away from the work.