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Top 8 things people forget to do when moving home

If you’re currently in the process of moving out you don’t need to be told how stressful it can be. A never ending list of things to do followed by a never ending mountain of boxes and more stuff than you ever realised you had. You’re probably fit to burst with things you have to remember, important dates, times and places to be, so we’ve made it easier, by highlighting the things most commonly forgotten by people when they’re moving home. Change of address The only good part of moving is the new house, and you’re probably really excited about your new home and have informed the Post Office about your new address, maybe you’re super organised and have even arranged for post to be forwarded. But have you told everyone about your new address? The library, the kid’s school, college, subscriptions, delivery people, the list is endless! Collect spare keysYour keys are probably on a key ring, always close at hand. But where are the keys for the patio doors, the windows and where are the spares? Ensure you have all the keys from every member of the family, then go and collect them from friends or neighbours that might have a set. It’s easily forgotten at the last minute so it’s best to collect them all now before it gets too stressful and busy. Collect your belongings You might be up to your ears with packing boxes, but do you actually have all of your belongings in the house? Items that may have been borrowed to friends or neighbours should be collected if available now before you’ve moved and forgotten, as well as items which are at services such as dry cleaners. Medical recordsIt’s easy to forget our personal life when moving, becoming preoccupied with house dates, prices, post, rooms and keys. Have you got your medical records, have you informed your doctors of a change of address? Not only might you need to arrange for amendments to be made at your health services, it might also be useful to have important numbers and documents for all services just in case. GarageIf you have a garage or a shed, packing it up and clearing it out is one thing, but where are the keys? It’s important to remember to have any locks, keys and safety equipment on garages and outhouses removed and either left for the new owners or taken with you. The essentialsPacking is stressful and unpacking is just as tedious, but whilst you’re on the ball and in the packing mood, it’s easy to get in to a whirlwind and keep packing until nothing is left, brilliant right? Wrong, there are a few essentials you’ll need easy access to during the move. Leave valuables and personal items such as phones and chargers out, as well as cleaning products and stuff for a brew within easy reach. Give things backWhilst you’re eagerly packing up your life you may actually forget what is actually yours. If you’ve borrowed things over the years now is the perfect chance to give it back, not only does it save on packing space, it also saves the stress of having to find it after moving out. AppointmentsOnce you’re settling into the new home it is easy to become obsessed with the new home, unpacking boxes and arranging items. But the rest of the world still goes on, make sure you don’t forget any appointments made during this time, to be extra safe, don’t book any appointments for around the time you’re moving.