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Storage Is The Ideal Solution To Coping With Excess Goods

Whether you are decorating or renovating a house and need to clear out the contents or just have too much clutter storage is the low cost answer. For all of your storage problems renting storage space is the perfect answer. It can actually be a cheaper option to moving to a larger property. Business or domestic contents it can all be stored in a storage unit to suit. You have the choice to choose a size to suit your needs. Storage facilities cover a range of levels of security ranging from low to maximum safety. Here are some tips to help pack your storage unit. 1. Choose a service to suit your needsThere are a good number of storage companies around and located close by to most major towns. Storage is the first choice to use these days compared to moving to a more expensive place to live or work. It is the cheaper alternative to keeping items you may not use that much but nevertheless want to keep. Storage can be used if you are in need of temporary space when moving house, decorating, moving abroad or just have too much clutter. 2. Access how much you want to keepMake inquiries for a reputable company in your area using suggestions from friends and family to checking online or in local papers. Contact several companies and discuss your needs, arrange for meetings to calculate your load and obtain a quote. It is important for an accurate price to know how much your load amounts to. Also it will help when ordering a storage room size. Book your storage with the company you are most satisfied with. Some may offer more than other. It is a competitive business and companies will offer attractive deals to draw in customers. 3. Tips to help when storing your itemsAfter setting a date you can either opt to take you goods in a removal vehicle to your rented storage unit or have a mobile self storage unit delivered to your door. This later option can work out cheaper and easier as you have the ease of packing your space from home and don’t need to rent a removal van. Either way you storage will need to be packed carefully and organised in good order so if you want to access it you can get to the stuff. 4. Packing your spaceJust like any packing you need to do it with care and make sure all of your goods are protected for their duration. Use strong boxes and don’t overfill them. Label clearly and use strong tape to keep sealed. Use plastic to cover furniture and large items. Anything that can be flat packed will make more room for other items. Store blankets, curtains and out of season clothes in airtight bags. Drain petrol from lawn mowers, and leave refrigerators door slightly open. Make sure all electrical appliances are clean and dry. Pack books lying flat to prevent damage. 5. Final notes of storing your goodsIf you have a special load then you will need to rent temperature controlled units. If you have large item such as a motorcycle then there will be special storage. All storage is in safe and secure surroundings with alarms, surveillance cameras and a manager monitoring the depot. You will be able to access your space at certain times, so check with the site manager. You may have to inform them of who will be entering the storage space. When dealing with companies make sure you have ample insurance cover to protect you and your belongings.