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Removal - How Your Pets Feel About It

Along with preparing the children one of the most difficult moments about the removal of your furniture and items is the removal of your pets. While moving your dog to a new place is not that difficult, if you are an owner of other types of pets you may face a true challenge when it comes the time for the removal. To cause them as little stress as possible when moving them you should follow the advices that follow below.

We will give you one common advice to start with no matter what kind of pet you have in home and it is - talk to a vet. Pet specialists have the necessary knowledge to define the different types of stress pets experience when moving and will help you by giving you recommendations and advices how to relieve the stress to the minimum for your pet. Here are some more useful tips depending on the pet you have at home.

Advices for aquarium fish owners: make sure you have prepared the new home for your fish. It is a good idea to have two aquariums so that you can easily move the fish. Do not feed the fish at least twelve hours before the moving. This will reduce the amount of junk in the aquarium you are going to carry it in and will prevent an eventual poisoning of the fish. Use water from the aquarium you are keeping it in now to fill the vessel you are going to put it in after the removal. Ask for more advices and recommendations in the local pet store or call your vet.

Advices for birds owners: if you are looking after a bird (or birds) you should be prepared for the fact that for these pets getting over the stress is a bit more difficult tasks. This is due to the fact that birds are far more sensible compared to other pets that is why you should pay more attention on them so that they can feel pleasure from the removal. Make sure you have taken enough food and water from your old home because there is a chance that there will be no similar food in the new neighbourhood. And the change of water and food might cause more stress to your bird. And in case you are using a new cage, the bird should have stayed in it for at least a couple of weeks before the removal.

Dogs and cats: it causes less stress and efforts to move your dog or cat. However it is a bit more effortless for dogs rather than for cats. It is a wide known fact that dogs are addicted to people and cats are addicted to places. That is why you might experience a bit more difficulties when moving the cat. For that purpose it is better to take a special cage where to put the pet during the way. The cage should not be too small so that the cat can feel comfortable inside it. You can find such cages in any pet store. As far as dogs are concerned it is much easier. It can travel with you in the care.

However, these advices apply when you are moving to a short distance. If your new home is too far away and taking the pet in the car with you might be difficult, it is better to contact a man and a van company specialising in moving with pets so that they can make the removal as effortless as possible for you and your pet.