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Relocating with your Collections

Moving house is one task that many people would love to avoid ever having to do again in their lifetime, so it will be with great despondency that you have to move house again, and if you are a collector with a large amount of valuable items, then you will be in particular trouble! The life of a collector can be a difficult one in terms of using the space available to you effectively, but if you are having to uproot your carefully placed collection then you will need to think long and hard about how you will be accommodating the extra items into your normal move plans. Whether you are a collector of toy soldiers or classic cars, a large collection will be your life’s work and you will not want a single piece to get damaged or go missing, so paying attention to the collection in a separate mindset to the rest of the house move will mean that you can be sure that the collection is in fine form without it affecting the rest of your possessions. So, what kind of scale are you working on? As mentioned above, you can collect anything, so some collections maybe contained in a shoe box, in which case you have nothing to worry about. If you are reading this however, then your collection is likely pretty cumbersome, in which case you will probably have already have sorted out a place for it to go at the new property, so thats all sorted. If you have not, then you may be best off getting some storage sorted out for the meantime, as you can then worry about it at a later date, having moved the rest of the house in the normal way. You may well find that your removals company can put an extra service on top of your home removals quote in order to do all of the collection moving. This will at least mean that your valued possessions are in the hands of trained professionals, and will be treated with the utmost care. If you are dealing with this company anyway, then it makes perfect sense to get them to increase their coverage of your items in order to make sure that your things are being dealt with properly. If you can, it may be worth getting them to do the packaging of the collection as well, so that you can then have the whole load insured against damages or loss. Many companies will refuse to insure anything that is not packaged by themselves, as there is a chance that your bad packaging could cause accidents that they would then be culpable for. So, having your items being looked after by a decent set of trained professionals who are insured against any accidents or breakages can be well worth the cost so adding on to your moving package, especially if the collection is a valuable one.If your collection is particularly delicate however, then it may be worth looking into getting a specialist antiques or fine art movers involved. These companies will specialize with sensitive moving, everything from antique glassware to old paintings will be in their range, which means that you can be sure that your items will be left in perfect condition. These companies will also have enormous insurance coverage to safeguard against the types of item that they will be carrying, so you will be fully covered in the event of any accident or loss.