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Moving 101: Things that You Should Unpack First

When you have finished transporting your things to your new home, the presence of endless boxes may baffle you. It is very hard to decide which boxes to unpack first and where to start unpacking. True enough, a lot of time can be wasted by an unorganized unpacking plan. Here are some guidelines that can help you unpack all of your things easily:

Allot sufficient time for unpacking.
For most people, the moving process ends after the boxes are transported to the new home. When you adopt this mindset, it is likely that you will forget to allow enough time for the unpacking process. The most practical way of unpacking is dividing the number of boxes by the number of the members of your family.  This works well especially for a household where both parents are working. You can assign at least five boxes to be unpacked by a family member per day. If you have small children that are constantly in need of supervision, it is best to hire a baby sitter while you are busy unpacking.

Identify the box that contains the essential needs of your family.
The essential things that you should pack should be in a marked box so the movers will know where to put them. Each family member can also have this special box and should be marked with the words "Open First". You can mark these boxes with colorful pens or colored ribbons. Keep the color uniform to avoid confusion. You should also consider bedroom and kitchen appliances essential things for you will need them immediately after you have moved. For your first night, it is important to keep your beds and linens handy so that you will not have to scramble and open everything just to have something to lie on.

Unpack at one room at a time, starting at the kitchen.
The kitchen is a very important part of the house so it is important to set this up at first. An organized kitchen will enable you to prepare decent meals for your family and reduce the money spent on pizza and takeouts. After you've finished unpacking and organizing your kitchen, you should deal with the bedrooms next. Unpack the clothes that are in season and store away the ones that you do not need at the moment. After unpacking the clothes, unpack the medicines and other things found in the bedroom.
While you are busy setting up the kitchen, you can ask your partner to tackle the other parts of the house such as the entertainment area or the basement.

Assign each family member to unpack at his or her own bedroom.
To make the unpacking more efficient, you can assign each member of your family to unpack his or her own things are arrange them at his or her own bedroom. This will enable your children to arrange their new room according to their taste and how they want it to look like. This will also teach them responsibility and the sense of partaking in the household tasks.