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Mobile Self-Storage

If you are running out of enough space for storing your belongings at home or in the office, it's time to think of an alternative storing option, other than just stuffing your garage or basement. Most people don't like throwing away their old things, it's in human nature to cherish material things and give everything a sentimental value. If you need additional space to store your stuff, then the best solution for you is the so called self-storage. It is an extremely popular and cost effective way of putting away your things, without actually losing them. Self-storage is available for individual clients and businesses. For a monthly fee you receive a secure storage unit where you can store whatever you choose to. You have easy access to your belongings and the option to downsize or expand. Self-storage facilities offer units of different size and shape. As long as you store legal items, that aren't hazardous to the space itself, you have the freedom to choose what to store in your unit. The list of things people store is endless - everything from household items to seasonal clothes, from toys and sports equipment to motorbikes, cars and collections of antiques and paintings. One of the most important features of self-storage facilities is its security. A good security system is a must. Despite the growing number of self-storage companies in the recent years and the big competition, a compromise in security equals danger of theft or damage of your items. Advanced security systems are offered for a higher fee, but at least this ensures greater safety. If you don't have time to go to your storage unit or you simply want to cut down the costs of travelling back and forth, you should trust a mobile self-storage. This is an option which suits many people who don't want to spend money on travel costs or lack the time to do it. Mobile self-storage is the most flexible option for both residential and commercial clients. The way mobile storage works is pretty simple: the company sends staff and storage containers. You can then load whatever you want and leave the container at your property or the staff takes it to the company's own storage. There you are allowed access through a key and a gate code. The mobile self-storage reduces your work, stress and costs. You can simply load the containers at your doorway and not even leave your house. This is one of the easiest ways of utilizing self-storage - fast, convenient and money-saving. If you choose the right company you are guaranteed quality service and safety. Most self-storage companies use wooden and metal containers. Wooden storage containers provide security and are environmentally-friendly and clean. A full size is usually 250 cubic feet, but you can use a half-sized container too. The metal containers are used for the so called storing at home option. They can be locked and are designed to be put outdoors. They are waterproof and you can use them literally for ages. Their size is the same as the wooden ones: 250 cubic feet. Mobile self-storage is very affordable, because you only have to pay for the container you use, not for the warehouse too. You also don't have to pay extra for renting the truck. This is also the easiest option if there isn't a self-storage facility in your area. Find a reputable company, which offers quality service and customer-friendly policies. Trust self-storage companies like lots of people all over the world.