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Do You Need To Pack Perishables?

We often field questions from potential movers asking all manner of questions, attempting to find out the best way to make their move as easy as possible with so much variance and so many things that can and will go wrong, it can be tough to supply a truly excellent moving experience without the right experience. In spite of this, one of the questions which we were not expecting to field related to whether it was right to transport perishables when moving home. As this is not a question that is asked on a regular basis, we felt the need to address the problems and find out whether movers would truly benefit from bringing a set of perishables with them when moving home. Perhaps the most obvious advantage to bringing a selection of food with you when moving home is that it saves you a trip to the shops when you arrive. This means that you are saved a trip after a long and difficult day, and that you have a nice range of fresh food to choose from during your first night in the house. As well as this, it saves having to navigate your way through an unfamiliar neighbourhood after said long day, saving you the worry about the dangers of getting lost during your first night at home. If you are looking for a way to save time and effort bringing a selection of foods for the first few days can be a huge help and can ease you into the new property. As well as saving you effort when moving home, packing the right food in your old home can help ensure that you do not waste any money. The problem with perishable items is that they will eventually expire. Bringing them with you means that you get to take advantage of the money which you have already spent. Rather than wasting food by leaving it in the old home, you can enjoy the benefits of the money which you have already spent. When the other obvious option is to throw the items away, saving money should always be high on the agenda in these tough economic times. However, there does exist one other option. If the perishables meet certain requirements, then they can be donated to charities and food banks. Whilst this is more difficult with perishables as opposed to canned goods, donating to charity can ensure that a good cause benefits from your choices. One of the draw backs of attempting to bring perishables with you is that it will only add to the weight which will need to be transported but without much in the way of long term benefits. Whilst it will give you a food source for the few days ahead, this benefit will only soon expire, whether you either eat the foods or they simply perish of their own accord. So whether you eat or allow the food items to expire, you will certainly have to deal with transporting them. This will only add to the effort of moving. One of the main concerns people have when transporting food stuffs such as perishables is that there is no guarantee that they will reach their destination in one piece. Whereas most possessions can be carefully wrapped, items such as fruit and vegetables are in danger of being damaged and becoming less appetising. If something were to go wrong during the move and the item were to become inedible, then you have wasted the effort of transporting the food to the new home. When debating whether or not to take perishables with you, always consider whether they will make it there in one piece.