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5 Reasons For Hiring a Camper Van for Your Next Holiday

1. Flexibility
Instead of booking a fixed accommodation in a hotel or holiday home, many travelers all over the world choose to hire a camper van, or motorhome. It allows spontaneity at any time. You simply pack, get on it and visit any place you like, without worrying about accommodation, money and eating out. A camper van allows you to stay as long as you want anywhere you like. If you hire a big van you can travel with your whole family and a group of friends too. It is a great way to finally have that adventure trip you've been dreaming of. Camper vans offer so many facilities, that you will simply feel at home, but on wheels.

2. Affordability
The price of hiring a camper van can be compared to a bed and breakfast accommodation. However, if you split the cost among everyone who will travel on the van, the cost gets considerably low. You have the advantage to prepare and store your own meals in the camper van, so if you don't have a budget for eating out, you don't need one. Many companies offer discounts for the low season or when you hire a camper van for a long period of time. Overall, a camper van is quite affordable, but comes with plenty of benefits.

3. Camper vans aren't that difficult to drive
Many people don't hire camper vans for the sole reason that they assume it would be difficult to drive one. This is a totally wrong conception - if you are an experienced driver you shouldn't have a problem driving a van and you can actually find it quite easy. Camper vans are offered in a variety of sizes, and the ones under 3.5 tonnes don't require a driving license, different than the standard one. If you don't feel confident enough, but want to hire or even buy a camper van, there are caravan clubs which offer courses that can prepare you before you set off on a trip.

4. Practicality
One of the biggest benefits of hiring a camper van is the practicality of it. Have you ever imagined going on a holiday on the spur of the moment - choosing a random destination, taking all your friends with you, no hotel bookings, no deposits, preparing food for the road and leaving any time of the day you want. This is a true tourist's paradise and is totally manageable, if you hire a camper van. You will have the chance to stand as close as you want to the location you've chosen, explore the area and not worry about what time lunch is, as you do when you stay in a hotel. You will also save yourself the headache and time of pitching a tent or travelling on a bus with strangers. All your belongings will be safe in the camper, while you go hiking, fishing or sunbathing. The practicality of hiring a camper van really cannot be compared to any other traveler's experience.

5. Safety and Security
All hired camper vans are fully-equipped with an up-to-date security and safety features. There is a fire extinguisher towards the rear of the van. It is advisable to get familiar with the safety features inside the vehicle before you depart. Moreover, all of the seats have seat belts. It's better to use the seats while the camper van is moving and always wear a seat belt.  A camper van is pretty safe, but keep in mind that it is a big and heavy vehicle and there is always a risk on the road.